What is the Heart of the Melrose Center?

Heart of Melrose
Heart of Melrose, 2015

The Project

Heart of Melrose is a 3D modeled image rendering of the vibrant Melrose Center logo. Each shard and color is represented in full detail through a juxtaposition of light, shadow and glass. The project was made on the 3D modeling program Autodesk Maya, utilizing Photoshop for texturing. The Melrose Center logo represents the heart of the center and this piece is reflection of that in a 3D modeled crystal form.

An Overview of the Process

  1. Brainstorm: Explore surroundings to get inspiration. What services does Melrose Center have to offer? Who is exactly is using the facility?
  2. Plan: Sketch and draw up a rough rendering in Photoshop.

    Melrose Center logo sketch
    A rough outline of the logo shards.
  3. Design:
Beginning stage of modeling shards and positioning.
Several trial and error sessions with shaders and textures.
maya final product
A screenshot of rendering the object in Autodesk Maya.

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